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How to Fix a Leaking Tire

filling a flat tire

It usually a good thing to check the air in your car tires at least weekly before you drive. Sometimes the number fluctuates depending on

Do It Yourself Auto Repairs

It is true that major problems with your car are definitely best left to professionals. However, “DIY” do it yourself auto repairs are surprisingly feasible

Extending The Life Of Your Car: Important Tips

No matter how much money you save or make, people always want to ensure the maximum quality and longevity of their investments, their cars especially.

Hackers Can Shut Down a Tesla Model S While Driving

Technology has advanced so quickly in the past few years. Sometimes we notice, other times it just happens. Every modern convenience we have has a

How to Avoid Being Overcharged for a New Car

So you’ve finished negotiating with dealer over a new car. Unfortunately, the process isn’t over yet. Dealerships will sometimes add more charges or fees onto

BMW Settles Class-Action Warranty Lawsuit

When you purchase a “new” vehicle, the warranty from the dealership is only active upon completion of the purchase as stipulated under the policy (which

Born in the USA – Toyota Takes Ford’s Place as a car that’s “Made in America”

Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and General Motors: consumers know these names as the forefront of American automobile engineering. They have been known as the care that

Review of Chrysler Warranty

Thinking of buying a new car? Considering a Chrysler 200 or 300 or perhaps the Town and Country minivan? Have you given any thought to

Drive Efficiently – Maximize Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Maximize Your Car's Fuel Economy

Driving efficiently and maximizing your car’s fuel economy provides some great benefits, not only for your vehicle’s long-term performance and longevity but also for the

Review of Honda Manufacture Warranty Plans

Whether you are looking at purchasing a Honda vehicle or you have already in the past, knowing what the Honda manufacturer warranty covers is a