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How to Change the Oil in Your Vehicle

Good Mechanic

Changing your oil is a great way to keep your car running in top condition while also saving you money. Before beginning, it’s important to have

Top 5 Tips to Prevent a Car Accident

Traffic accident - one driver on the mobile phone, second expressing anger

Most car accidents are preventable. Therefore, by following these steps it can help you decrease your chances of getting into an accident: 1. Get vehicle

Road Trip Tips and What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down

Young family on day out in country road trip car

When going on long road trips, it’s ideal that you plan. By doing so, it can help you be ready for unexpected problems that may

Protecting Your Vehicle from Road Salt

winter roads covered with salt - protect your vehicle

Winter weather has a secret hazard you may not realize until it’s too late. While ice and snow can cause immediate and visible dents to

Items You Should Have in Your Car This Winter

Every driver should keep a basic emergency kit in his or her vehicle. The kit usually includes items displayed on the image: fire extinguisher, first