Review of Chrysler Warranty

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Thinking of buying a new car? Considering a Chrysler 200 or 300 or perhaps the Town and Country minivan? Have you given any thought to the Chrysler extended warranty? Many people who purchase a new vehicle only give the warranty cursory consideration. When buying a car, the warranty should be a significant factor, considering how long the average owner keeps a car. Since 2012, the average time an owner possesses a new car is increasing, with the current time being around seventy months or more. This means the chances of requiring service increases for an individual owner while the chance of the warranty expiring also increase. This can create both a financial burden and a time constraint for owners.

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Chrysler Manufacture Warranties

When you are looking at that great looking Chrysler 300, consider that the basic warranty is Three Years/50,000 miles. This is the bumper to bumper portion of the warranty. From the touch screen to the engine, if something goes wrong and it is due to a defect in manufacturing, the company will be more than happy to fix it. Currently, Chrysler is adding the Five Year/100,000 Mile PowerTrain warranty at not extra cost. After three years, they won’t fix the mp3 player but will be happy to fix your drive shaft that is laying on the freeway. The power train warranty covers only the power train, which is the engine, transmission, and all parts connected and in between. Additionally, for an extra charge you can add a Five Year/100,000 Mile Roadside Assistance Warranty to your purchase. Which is great if that drive shaft really does come off or you have a flat but for the most part it can be a life saver. Of course, depending on the exact circumstances, some extra fees could be charged.

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