Find the Best Car Warranty Companies for Dealers

Extended Warranty Company for Car Dealerships

Buying a brand new car, or even a used car, comes with a lot of risk on the part of the buyer.  They are taking on a car and a payment in hopes that the car will be able to fulfill what they desire from a reliability standpoint.  What if you, as a car dealer, could offer an added layer of security for the buyer to ensure they get what they paid for?  This can be accomplished by car dealers that work with car warranty companies.  These warranties such as those offered by Endurance Dealer Services, allows a dealer to offer an extended warranty on top of what the manufacturer will offer and provides many benefits.

Giving Customers an Added Layer of Security and Options

Customers love to have options when they are buying something such as an automobile.  Purchasing a new auto is a big deal for just about every consumer.  They want to be able to decide what they want from a warranty perspective, payment perspective, and so on.  If you as a dealer are able to offer them an extended vehicle service contract, this is an added option and layer of security they may appreciate.  Customers who are hesitant may be more likely to purchase the automobile due to the extended auto warranty guaranteeing its reliability for a period of time.

Finding the Best Car Warranty Company

Endurance extended coverage for dealers

There are many companies out there that offer extended warranty options for dealers.  One of the best, though, is that of Endurance Dealer Services.  Their vehicle service contracts offer:

  • Multiple coverage options
  • Roadside assistance
  • Car rental benefits
  • 30-day money back guarantee

This provides a lot of value for the consumer and gives dealers an added selling point to attach to the automobiles they are trying to market.

Dealers always want to do right by their customers.  This means trying to get them in the car that they want at a price that is both fair and reasonable.  Giving customers the ability to purchase extended auto warranties or vehicle service contracts is a great way to add value for them.  It provides an opportunity, from a dealer’s perspective, to differentiate by offering extended warranties that go above and beyond what other dealerships bring to the table.  In the end, buying an auto requires trust from the customer in order to pull the trigger.  Guaranteeing the automobile’s reliability via an extended warranty helps solidify this trust.

About Endurance*:

  • Over $25,000,000 paid in total claims.
  • All levels of vehicle protection are competitively priced.
  • Generous extended eligibility guidelines for vehicles 20 years old, and up to 150k miles at time of sale
  • Coverage for most high-line vehicles.
  • Easy-to-use reporting for dealers and agents.
  • Most comprehensive e-Contracting solution in the industry
  • Internet-claims monitoring and reporting 24-hours a day.
  • Fully insured by Wesco Insurance Company, an AmTrust group insurance carrier rated “A” (excellent) by A. M. Best.

Little Added Cost to the Customer

Many customers think of extended auto warranties as carrying a big price tag.  This does not always have to be the case.  Dealers who align themselves with the experts are going to be able to get their customers set up with vehicle service contracts that are both affordable and feature packed.  The end result will be a small addition to the monthly payment from a consumer’s perspective, in exchange for a lot of added benefit and trust in the vehicle they are purchasing.