What is Covered with Your Acura Extended Warranty

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Acura Extended Warranty Breakdown Road

Did your vehicle break down?

What Coverage Comes With the New Acura?

Parts and labor for Acura vehicles are covered by the Wear Item Limited Warranty for one year. In addition, the warranty for any parts that are bought and installed by Acura will also include the labor and replacement. Similar to many other manufacturers, every original Acura part, including seatbelts, is fully backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty and a Seat Belt Lifetime Warranty.

Starting from the day you drive the vehicle off the dealer’s  lot it is automatically covered by 7-year/100,000 mile Powertrain Limited Warranty which covers the engine parts. Acura factory warranty covers the following parts:

  • flywheel
  • timing gears
  • valve covers
  • the head
  • cylinder block gaskets
  • timing chain
  • oil pan
  • oil pump
  • engine mounts
  • water pumps
  • seals
  • gaskets and fuel pumps
  • transmission
  • transaxle

The great thing about Acura factory warranty is that you can take your vehicle to any Acura dealer for repairs. There are hundreds, if not thousands, Acura dealerships in the United States, some of them even offer free car wash for a few years and free lunches.

Please contact your local dealership if you have any questions regarding the coverage.

What Does Acura Extended Auto Warranty Cover?

Most likely when you were purchasing your new or used Acura you were offered an extended warranty, also known as a vehicle service contract or mechanical breakdown insurance. Do you know exactly what this coverage means and what benefits it has? We will help you understand!

Almost any vehicle that is less than 10 years old and has less than 150,000 miles can qualify for an extended warranty. Extended warranty is just what it sounds like – an extension of your original factory coverage that came with your new vehicle when you or the previous owner purchased it from the dealership. This extra protection helps you – the driver – save money on auto repairs when any mechanical breakdown occurs after your manufacturer’s coverage expires.

Should You Buy an Extended Car Warranty for a Used Car?

The reason why many drivers prefer to buy extra protection for their used vehicle is that when the car is purchased used the manufacturer’s warranty may not transfer to the new owner. This means that even if your Acura still has less than 36,000 miles on the speedometer and should be covered you are not protected. Please note that not every manufacturer has this policy, with some of them you should be able to transfer the original coverage to the new owner – YOU. The best way to find out is to call the manufacturer directly, the phone number can be found online or in the manual.

 Should You Purchase an Extended Warranty for a New Car?

Many drivers wonder why they are being offered an extended warranty when they are purchasing a new vehicle. Doesn’t it come with the factory warranty? Yes, it does. In fact, most manufacturers will offer full coverage for as long as three years and powertrain coverage for as long as seven years. The full coverage is commonly referred to as “bumper-to-bumper warranty” because it covers almost everything from bumper to bumper (except regular maintenance, of course, that includes tires, breaks, break pads, oil change, filters, etc.).

Going back to extended vehicle protection, so why would you need one for a new car? What extended warranty does is it extends your manufacturer’s warranty and the sooner you buy it the cheaper it will be. If you postpone the purchase of an extended warranty plan and decide to get it in a few years you will notice that the price will go up. The older your vehicle is – the higher the price for extra coverage will be. The conclusion is that it is a good idea to buy the extra protection for your new Acura.


You  can only buy an extended auto protection or a vehicle service contract from the dealer. This statement is incorrect, you can purchase a vehicle protection plan online from the independent and third-party providers or you can buy it from your manufacturer (if one is offered – not all manufacturers offer extended car protection). When choosing the best extended auto warranty company spend some time on research and be sure to choose the best provider before buying one.

It is cheaper to buy an extended vehicle warranty from the dealer. This statement is also not necessarily true. Dealerships make money on extended warranties and they might give you a higher price if they see that you are interested in purchasing the warranty. Sometimes, it is cheaper to go online and purchase extended warranty from an online reliable provider.

The coverage plan is cheaper when you pay in full. This statement is partially true. Most Acura extended warranty providers offer 0% financing and it doesn’t matter if you pay for your coverage in full or finance it. When you are at the dealership, ask the salesperson or F&I manager if the cost of extended auto warranty will be added to the total price of the vehicle and financed. If the salesperson or F&I manager says that it will be added, this means that you are paying the same interest rate on your coverage as you are paying on your car. In this case, it is better to go online and purchase a policy from one of reliable extended car warranty providers with 0% interest.

Acura models that qualify for an extended vehicle coverage:


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