Review of Honda Manufacture Warranty Plans

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Whether you are looking at purchasing a Honda vehicle or you have already in the past, knowing what the Honda manufacturer warranty covers is a very important aspect to understand. Every Honda purchased from a Honda dealership comes with specific warranties, although often times different elements of the vehicle can have different warranties attached. Due to this, it is necessary to review the Honda warranty in order to see exactly how long the warranty lasts and for how many mileage.

Honda Owner’s Website

For starters, for any specific questions regarding individual make, models, model years or trims, visiting the Honda Owner’s Site is an excellent resource. From obtaining a copy of the owner’s manual to just reading up on different aspects of your particular vehicle (or a vehicle you are interested in), feel free to visit it.

Honda Limited Warranty Information

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On your vehicle, there is a three year, or 36,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, based on whichever is achieved first. This covers defects in the vehicle that occur due to manufacturer error. There are times certain pieces of metal or material just are not produced to the highest standard (perhaps an air bubble remained in the steel production process, which reduced the strength of the material and it is not picked up upon until the feature fails prematurely, as an example). Should something happen to the vehicle that is out of your control and not due to an accident, the Honda Limited Warranty covers this.

The power train Honda warranty is extended even further, as it is a five year or 60,000 mile warranty. Now, it is important to understand that general maintenance, adjustments and normal wear and tear, along with the replacements for this wear and tear are excluded. You do need to stay on top of the service schedule for the Honda vehicle and take it in when necessary in order to make sure it is running properly and to have it serviced when you hit set mile marks. As long as you do this, everything remains under warranty.

There is an accessory limited warranty. What this covers is if you have additional features installed onto your vehicle that are more after market. Perhaps these are added mats placed inside of the vehicle or an additional lining to the bed of a truck. When you have accessories included with the purchase of your vehicle, all Honda Genuine Accessories are covered under the three year or 36,000 mile warranty on new vehicles. On top of it, there is a Replacement Parts Limited Warranty. If you have something repaired or replaced on the vehicle and the Honda mechanics install Honda Genuine Parts (not third party market parts) into the vehicle, each part that is installed comes with a one year warranty. Should something happen to this part within one year after installation, a full replacement is covered at no cost to you. However, you do need to have the repair performed by a Honda dealer.

Lastly, there is a five year, unlimited mile corrosion limited warranty. With this, if you start to see any sort of rust develop on your vehicle, either inside or out, if it takes place within five years from purchase it is covered under this warranty, regardless of how many miles you have put on it. So, whether there are five miles or 50,000 miles, if you spot rust, make sure to bring it in to your local Honda dealership.

Roadside Assistance

When you purchase a Honda vehicle, it comes along with a roadside assistance feature that lasts for three years or 36,000 miles. This roadside assistance provides you with 24-hour service throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. So, if you have a flat tire, are locked out of your vehicle or need towing, all of this is covered with the help of the roadside assistance for the allotted amount of time.

Honda Care Plans

If you want to add additional protection to your vehicle, Honda does provide something that is known as Honda Care Plans. With this sort of a plan, you can maintain and protect your vehicle. It is almost like health insurance for your Honda. You do need to sign up for the Honda Care Plan based on the vehicle you own, the current mileage and the date of purchase. Vehicles that are under three years old and have less then 36,000 miles are eligible for this kind of service (anything older and Honda does not provide the Care Plans). Even if you purchased your vehicle used, if the vehicle is less than a year old and has less than 12,000 miles, you are able to sign up for Honda Care Maintenance. This feature also allows you to sign up for the service after buying the car within one year.

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