Road Trip Tips and What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down

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When going on long road trips, it’s ideal that you plan. By doing so, it can help you be ready for unexpected problems that may arise on the road.

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you go on a road trip:

Have your car inspected

It’s important to make sure your vehicle is road ready before going on a long trip. By taking your vehicle to a reputable service shop, they can inspect your vehicle’s key components to ensure they are in peek operating condition. This small step could prevent larger problems from occurring on the road.

Pack the appropriate equipment

Having the right equipment on hand can help you make small repairs and keep you safe. Here are some of the items you should have in your vehicle:

  • A hand crank phone charger
  • Jumper cables
  • A first aid kit that includes bottled water and snacks such as energy bars
  • A spare tire repair kit, which includes a tire iron, a jack and a spare tire
  • Road flares
  • A bottle of coolant
  • A tire pressure monitor
Have contingencies in place

In case you do breakdown, it’s important to have a contingency plan in place. As part of this, be sure to program your phone with the highway patrol numbers of each state you visit. Further, be sure to see if your vehicle is under manufacturer warranty. If it isn’t, consider buying an extended auto warranty policy. These can cover costly repairs that may arise as well as provide you with great benefits like emergency roadside assistance.

Take care of your vehicle on the road recommends that you lay off the lead foot and stay at the speed limits. The reason for this is the faster you go the more wind resistance your vehicle will meet, which puts extra strain on engine. Furthermore, when you stop for the day, be sure to check fluid levels and tire pressure.

Even if you plan well ahead of time, there are still problems that may occur. When you your car breaks down, here are some tips to help you.

Know where you are

When you pull over, be sure you are a safe distance from traffic. Next, place flares or flash your hazard lights so other motorists can spot you easily. When you call for help, look around the area for exits, mile markers or other ways the person will be able to locate you quicker.

Ultimately, road trips are a great way to experience the open road. By carefully planning ahead of time, you can take small steps that can ensure your vehicle operates well and that you are well equipped in case something happens. Furthermore, by being aware of your surroundings when you break down, it can help you practice good safety tips, which can keep you and other motorists safe.

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