Vehicle Services Department – Letter From Plano, TX

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Did you receive a green or pink notice from Vehicle Services Department in Plano, TX?

Vehicle Services Department Plano TXYou  received this notice because your factory warranty coverage either expired or is about to expire. Vehicle Services Department is alerting you to protect you from future high costs of automobile repairs. For the reason that your car has completed its manufacturer’s warranty, you are left liable for all future repair bills. However, Vehicle Service Department can extend the life of your coverage and continue protecting your investment.

My vehicle came with a factory warranty, do I still need this coverage?

While new vehicles come with a factory warranty, it will only last a few years, usually three years or 36,000 miles. When it expires, you will be liable for costs of all future repairs. However, if you add a vehicle service contract, also known as extended auto warranty, on your car, your covered repair costs will be paid for by Vehicle Service Department. NOTE: Most plans have a small deductible $100-200 similar to car insurance plans.

Did my factory warranty expire?

If you want to know if your manufacturer’s warranty has already expired or just trying to figure out when it will you can review this table. While it will not show you a specific date, use it to estimate the life of your car’s factory warranty. Know whet it is tome to purchase an out-of-warranty coverage.

How are vehicle service contract claims paid?

Most vehicle service contract providers will pay for the repairs directly to the repair shop or dealership. The policy owner usually only pays a small deductible after the claim is approved.

Where can I buy extended vehicle protection?

Extended coverage can be purchased from a contract administrator, a retailer, or a combination of both. You can simply call the number displayed on the notice you received and be connected to a Vehicle Protection Specialist.